Research has found that, if dipping potatoes in calcium chloride before frying, the acrylamide formation can be inhibited by up to 95%. Read more in this article about the new regulations on acrylamide levels and practical measures that could be taken.

CC food® is a high quality Calcium Chloride product designed to meet the demands of today’s food industry

Strict production methods, following HACCP and continuous product chemical analyses allow us to propose this well-established grade. It is a registered food additive under E509. CC food® fulfills the major food standards such as FCC and FAO, and is Kosher certified. Our Sales and Logistics departments are ISO 22000-certified in order to fully comply with the demand from the industry and it guarantees our customer a high level of reliability and quality.

Key reasons for choosing CC food®:

  • High-quality Calcium Chloride
  • Widely used today in many segments for food processing
  • Robust logistics
  • 100% availability thanks to several production plants
  • Marketed for over 30 years
  • Produced by TETRA Chemicals, the leading Calcium Chloride producer

CC food® is a salt that will provide ions of Ca2+ and Cl. It is highly soluble and can be mixed with most food liquids. It is available both in solid form as white flakes, or in liquid form as a transparent solution.

Do you need more information?

Do you need more information?

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