CC food® is a high quality Calcium Chloride product that provides several advantages during the beer making process

Used worldwide in the brewing industry, CC food® is employed by large-scale multinational brewers but also by local and smaller breweries. It can be used for reasons of flavor, saltiness, or for providing palate fullness. It can improve and maintain control of the brewing water quality, has an acidifying effect on the wort and can also help precipitate proteins. In brief it is a perfect tool for many brewers.

Improvement of the water quality

The Ca2+ ions help to adjust the mineral content of the water in order to achieve the desired quality. When the water has been totally de-mineralized or when it is naturally soft (low mineral content) the Ca2+ ions provided by CC food® will help increase the mineral content to the required process level.

Acidifying effect on the wort

The wort generally contains large amounts of phosphates derived from the malt. Phosphates have a buffering effect: they take up hydrogen ions and keep the pH higher than desired. Calcium ions precipitate phosphates as insoluble calcium phosphates, releasing hydrogen into the wort. This release results in a lower wort pH.

Removal of Oxalate

By precipitating oxalic acid as calcium oxalate, CC food® decreases the risk of gushing.

Precipitation of proteins

A high protein level generally makes the beer hazy and may decrease the shelf-life of the product, which decreases its commercial value. By lowering the pH CC food® improves the precipitation of proteins. The Ca2+ ions also improve the aggregation of the proteins in suspension. They become easier to separate from the wort by filtration.

Improves enzyme activity and optimizes fermentation

The activity of the amylase enzyme is enhanced by the Ca2+ ions. It makes the wort more fermentable and consequently shortens the total processing time.

Yeast flocculation

Ca2+ ions flocculate yeast cells, improving its settling and separation from the liquid.

Dosage & Guidelines

An optimal pH for beer brewing if often achieved at 5.1 to 5.3.

Calcium usual range: 50–200 ppm corresponding to 0.3 liter to 1.2 liter of CC food® 36% or 180 to 720 g of CC food® 77% per 1000 l wort.